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No Limits-Ed from MapMyFitness & MapMyRun Proves Age is a Mindset, Fitness Should Never Stop

February 04, 2021 Ed Baumstark-No Limits-Age is Mindset-Fitness Should Never Stop
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No Limits-Ed from MapMyFitness & MapMyRun Proves Age is a Mindset, Fitness Should Never Stop
Show Notes

Bucks County Bytes is happy to introduce to you my friend, Ed Baumstark from MapMyFitness and MapMyRun, Under Armour, one of my fitness apps that I have been using since 2013.
Ed has always been my mentor as far as making one push the limit. I love using the app as it gives me the incentive to keep pushing every day, no matter what, to make sure I move. Ed would be up early in the am, out walking Ryder his beautiful dog, biking for many many miles, and just logging in multiple workouts a day. It's the motivational spirit that he has to give everyone, as he just pushes you to get out the door seeing those rides, walks, and keeping everything in such a positive spirit.
There were many years in there that I didn't log any workouts as there were some difficult years and I now realize that no matter what the situation, or age, or condition one is in, fitness is a must.
I asked Ed onto my podcast as he has the gift of fitness to share with many. Ed is a senior, but you wouldn't know it as his mindset is strong and he is a very wise and knowledgeable man who has known workouts his whole life. You could say Ed was a trendsetter, as he was a long-distance runner way back in the '70s before there was such a thing called bottled water and hydration packets. He is authentic, original, spiritual, and has healed himself by fitness and much more.
Have a listen to Ed speak on his first podcast, as his wisdom is shared with my audience, his friends and family, and all of our wonderful acquaintances on MMF and MMR.
Thank you Ed for sharing your story!

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Listeners can find Ed on Map My Run or Map My Fitness
Ed uses the Zwift Training System.

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