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The Iron Triangle with Award Winning Photographer Jeff Weiser

May 20, 2021 Jeff Weiser and The Iron Triangle
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The Iron Triangle with Award Winning Photographer Jeff Weiser
Show Notes

Bucks County Bytes brings to you photographer Jeff Weiser and the story behind his love of photography and The Iron Triangle. I have always been in love with the camera and capturing the moments of places, people, and landscapes, and Jeff's images lure me to who is behind the camera and the stunning landscapes that he captures, but it the people's faces that fascinate me. A face has mystery, a story, as the eyes and expression are beyond what words can sometimes measure.

Listen in as Jeff Weiser talks about who he is, how it started, and tells us about the Iron Triangle...a place I never knew existed until now. Let the story capture your imagination of what life is like in a place that New York tends to forget about.

The Iron Triangle is also known as the Valley of Ashes from The Great Gatsby. The Iron Triangle is encompassed in acres of auto repair shops, salvage yards, and abandoned stolen cars that have been picked clean. This is the gray and dirty part of Queens that you drive through to get from Long Island to NYC. Jeff says that people in the photos that he captured enjoyed having their pictures taken and took the time to talk and tell him a bit about their lives. They know him as “the guy with the camera”.  Jeff does make a point of returning and giving them copies of their photos. We definitely had a great talk on the podcast as I was intrigued by his ability to be in The Iron Triangle and capture these moments...

The podcast cover is "Javier's Yard" and is currently featured in Black & White Magazine at the time of the interview.  It also won in the photo contest "Looking Back Looking Forward" as it is a part of a series that Jeff has been working on for the past year, Faces of the Iron Triangle. When you go to Jeff Weiser's website you will also see "Man of Faith" that took a Gold Award in the Tokyo International Foto Awards this year.

Make sure to connect with Jeff Weiser on all his social media links as well as view the website of his amazing images...

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