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The Powerful Benefits of Kangen Water with Thomas and Kristin of Nature's Waves Inc.

June 14, 2021 Tom and Kristin: Kangen Water benefits
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The Powerful Benefits of Kangen Water with Thomas and Kristin of Nature's Waves Inc.
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Bucks County Bytes is happy to bring you Thomas Sinner and Kristin Singh of Nature's Waves Inc. where we talk about the benefits of Kangen Water...Change Your Water, Change Your Life! Thomas and Kristin and I met through one of my earlier podcast show guests, Nick and Steve from SerisEvents, our very healthy and organic private dinner event planners. Here I learned about Kangen Water and had to find out even more! So I found Thomas and Kristin and was able to eventually schedule a show while they were in the middle of moving to Boston.
Join us for an in-depth conversation about how water can transform your life, make the needed changes, help the environment, as well as learn about Diane, Thomas's mom who is an advocate for the water system and who is a survivor of lung cancer.
I am a firm believer that drinking from plastic bottles is detrimental to your health in so many ways, that I took the dive in finally....as I am a Kergan Water believer and going through a detox stage...realizing we have done more harm to our cells by drinking water from plastic...I am a farm girl by nature, and we only had a well and never drank from a plastic bottle, only from a glass. I am happy to be part of the Kangen family...

Make sure to follow all of Thomas and Kristin on their social media, and please contact them for more info! And if you are local to Bucks County, I would be more than happy to give you some water as Thomas's mom did that for me... I wasn't feeling too good and I started to drink the 8.5 and 9.0 ph which changed my world! Thank you all!!

Thomas Sinner
Nature's Waves Inc.



Thomas Sinner

Thomas Sinner

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